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"For years my father spoke of one day opening his own ravioli store.  In fact, it was often considered a joke around the house.  I’m not sure anyone, but he, knew how serious a dream this was... until the day he set forth to pursue it.”

Joseph A.M. Talluto
President Talluto’s Authentic Italian Food, Inc.

A Chef by profession, Joe Talluto enjoyed sharing his passion for Italian Cuisine.  Joe’s knowledge and appreciation of simple Italian cooking encouraged his hope of opening his own ravioli store.  In 1967, Joe sold his family’s home in Southwest Philadelphia for $7500 to purchase a $7400 ravioli machine, and moved his family of six into a building he owned “around the corner.”  Joe Talluto was 60 years old, and at a time when most men his age were preparing for retirement, he was committed, both personally and financially, to pursuing his longtime dream.

Joe’s eldest son Joseph A.M. Talluto, had recently completed military service and planned to become a sheet-metal worker when his father insisted he join him in his venture.  “My father was a man of many words; very strict and very head-strong.  I remember telling my father that he should really consider taking on less responsibility, not more.  But he was convinced that ‘now is the time’ and would not stray.”  In October of that year, with the support of his wife Geneveive and four children, Joe Talluto opened his store at the corner of 61st and Elmwood Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia.

When Joe first introduced his homemade Ravioli, friends and neighbors responded generously.  “During the first week, we sold out in just three days and had to close to replenish.  No one could have anticipated such a wonderful response from the neighborhood.  Our staff of immediate family, especially my mother, worked long nights simply to prepare for the following day.  Overwhelmed at times, we learned, first hand, the work ethic my father had displayed all along in pursuing his dream. The joke… was on us.” 

Joe Talluto’s dream continues indefinitely as friends and neighbors enter a Talluto’s store to find nearly 90 varieties of pasta, fresh Mozzarella Cheese made daily and many complementary Italian cuisine… all still served by Joe’s friends and family!   

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