It is a tradition at Talluto's to fill our Easter table with all sorts of scrumptious foods.

la tavola di Pasqua- the Easter table 

Our retail stores offer a selection of our family favorites. Easter is a time to celebrate all of the wonderful foods that the season has to offer. Buona Pasqua and welcome to our Easter table!

Talluto's impastata ricotta is very unique. This ricotta is made to our very own specifications. It is a whole milk cheese that is made without whey added. Whey is a natural by-product during the cheese-making process. During ricotta production, the whey is often added back into the ricotta to reduce costs however, Talluto's does not do this and this is why our ricotta is so thick and creamy. Talluto's impastata ricotta is ideal as an ingredient for making pasta or baking Italian Easter specialties. It is also delicious when it is enjoyed alone or spread on top of toasted Italian bread.

Impastata Ricotta and Homemade Mozzarella



Pictured here are Talluto's own homemade ricotta cheese, fresh basket cheese, our handmade mozzarella and burrata cheese.  Although available all year round, Easter is a time when these cheeses are celebrated.   

basket cheese ham pie

Basket cheese is made from whole cow's milk. It is fresh, mild, and slightly sweet in taste. It is similar to curdy ricotta or mozzarella cheese that is most often used in baking into Italian Easter pies however, it can also be eaten by itself or as seen here, accompanied by sun-ripened cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and olive oil. Also pictured above is a traditional Easter Pizza Rustica (ham pie) made with these various kinds of cheese.

Talluto's makes our own fresh mozzarella and burrata cheese by hand on the premises every day. Burrata is a fresh cheese that originated in the region of Puglia in Italy. Talluto's burrata is made by forming a pouch of mozzarella cheese and filling it with a mixture of fresh cream and mozzarella curds. Burrata is best when eaten within a few days of being made. This is why Talluto's makes mozzarella and burrata cheese at all of our stores on a daily basis.

 As mentioned earlier, Italians have many traditional baked specialties that are celebrated at Easter. Below is our traditional Pizza Rustica; also known as Pizza Chena or Easter ham pie. Many families have their own special recipe for this famous Easter pie. We are proud of ours and look forward to making it every year. We would love to share it with you. 

whole ham pie
Ham Pie

cut ham pie

Every Easter, Talluto's features our Crepe Manicotti in our retail stores. In Italy, this elegant pasta is often enjoyed on special occasions such as Easter. Tender pasta crepes are handmade and rolled around delicious fillings. Talluto's generously fills our pasta crepes with creamy whole milk ricotta cheese, imported pecorino Romano, fresh whole eggs, chopped parsley, and just the right amount of whole milk mozzarella cheese...truly nostalgic and simply delicious.


Fresh Crepe Manicotti

ricotta pie
Ricotta Pie

Colomba di Pasqua is a traditional Italian Easter yeast bread that is shaped like a dove (Columba in Italian) to symbolize peace and resurrection. They are available in a plain candied fruit variety and a chocolate-filled variety. An assortment of imported Chocolate Easter Eggs traditionally available in milk and dark chocolate, now include new flavors such as salted caramel, hazelnut, and crisp crunch chocolate. Fruit-studded panettone cakes, and torrone nougat candy are some other sweet items decorating our table at this time of year.

columba eggs chocolate

Talluto's loves to celebrate the tradition of bringing family and friends together. What better way to do this than at the Easter table? Hoping this Easter holiday brings health, happiness, and lots of love to you and your family!

Buona Pasqua,

The Talluto's Family