Potato gnocchi and cavatelli pasta have very humble beginnings, originally providing an inexpensive yet hearty meal to feed a family. These rustic items are staples of Italian culture and cuisine. Evolving from these staples are ricotta gnocchi and spinach gnocchi, which are slightly richer and a bit more luxurious. All made with quality ingredients and years of experience, these products are light, tender, and easy to digest.

Ricotta Cheese
Sweet Potato
Spinach and Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta Cheese

Cooking Instructions:

Place pasta in boiling salted water (approximately 3 to 4 quarts of water per pound) and stir. When pasta begin rising to the surface, lower boiling water to a simmer and cook as follows:

Gnocchi - 2 to 4 minutes
Cavatelli - 6 to 8 minutes
Drain carefully and serve in your favorite sauce or recipe.