Grilled Vegetable Ravioli with Roasted Red Onion Butter

In this recipe, the grilled vegetable ravioli is served with roasted red onion compound butter. Compound butter is softened butter that has been blended with any flavorful and aromatic ingredients. It can be made in advance and be kept in the refrigerator until ready for use.



Category: Ravioli


For 8 Person(s)

What you'll need:

1 stick Salted Butter, softened
1 half small Red Onion
1 drizzle Olive Oil
1/2 tsp. Salt
1/4 tsp. Black Pepper
2 packages Talluto's Grilled Vegetable Ravioli

Grilled Vegetable Ravioli with Roasted Red Onion Butter Directions

    1. Place the red onion half in a oven-safe dish and drizzle it with a little olive oil.
    2. Cover the dish with aluminum foil and roast the onion in a preheated 425-degree oven or toaster oven for about 40 minutes.
    3. Remove the onion from the oven and allow it to cool.
    4. Place the softened butter into a small bowl.
    5. Once the onion has cooled, mince it into small pieces and gently fold it into the softened butter.
    6. Season the butter with a pinch of salt and some freshly ground black pepper, to taste.
    7. Cook the ravioli according to the instructions on the package.
    8. Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
    9. Once the ravioli are finished cooking, drain well and add to the skillet with butter.
    10. Toss well to cover the ravioli in the sauce.
    11. Serve topped with grated Parmigiano or Romano cheese, if desired.

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